In 2018 management registered LJ Portfolios. in N. America as the central hub to acquire distressed properties. Within a year later LJ Portfolios branched out to add subsidiary in Singapore to better position ourselves as a contender in the SE Asia real estate developments region. The Business was initially capitalized by an investment of $440,000.00 of which a sum of $140.000 is from internal partners and $300,000.00 is from outside investors. The Company’s resort condo holdings are estimated to worth over $2,000,000 with initial plan to acquire up to $10,000,000 worth of resort condos, motels and hostels by end of 2020.

At LJ Portfolios, our client‘s best interest would always come first, and everything we do is guided by our values and professional ethics. We will ensure that we hire professionals who are well experienced in real estate line of business and other investment portfolios with good track record of return on investments. LJ Portfolios will at all times demonstrate her commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a firm, by actively participating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client‘s needs precisely and completely. We will cultivate a working environment that provides a human, sustainable approach to earning a living, and living in our world, for our partners, employees and for our clients.